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Library Management Software

We tailor your library management system to incorporate the features you need to meet the specific needs of your organisation and users.  Our library management system features include:


Record purchases in your database, store item descriptions in your catalogue and enter invoices and credit notes using common procedures for serials and non-serials. 

Manage suppliers, contract details, discounts and delivery options, from a central location.  Place single, multi-line and standing orders as required.  Place central orders for delivery to multiple sites.

Structure budgeting and accounting to reflect your organisation and financial periods, to show committed and actual spend and variance to budget against individual accounts.

Our library management systems support multi-currency accounting and reporting by account and supplier.


Fully integrated into catalogue management, with built-in reporting to support purchase decisions.

Use manual or automatic barcode options for items accessioned into stock and increase efficiency with real-time status updates, automatic checking of reservations and closing of transactions.

Pre-define loan periods and send automatic overdue notices by emails which allow users to renew items, subject to pre-set thresholds.  Set fines by type of material and display fines across your entire library system for each individual user and collect fines owed in full or in part. 


Provide secure access to your library management system, supported by interactive indexed help, round the clock from any location. 

Allow users to view their loans, search your catalogue, retrieve text, images, audio and video files, suggest records, submit content, discover the location and status of physical resources, place an enquiry or research request, search the content of electronic materials and export and print, email or save search results, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. 


Allow registered users of your library system to self-issue, renew and return items.  Configure your user interface in a conventional display or touch screen and use bar code management or RFID for self check-in/out of materials. 

Serials & Electronic Serials

Integrated with acquisitions in your library management system, this feature simplifies ordering, accounting and receipting of serials, which appear as a separate content type in your catalogue.

Use the wizard to easily record details, apply your own enumeration and change the frequency of serial issues at any time.  Barcode physical serials to enter into stock and issue via the loans function.  Manage routing lists and alerts for physical and electronic circulation. 

You can report on serials by subject or other value and analyse serials taken by user and department as well as supplier performance etc.


A highly flexible repository and database to manage a wide variety of physical and electronic materials, with sophisticated cross referencing, poly hierarchical thesaurus and full-text electronic document indexing.  Use custom formats to accommodate non-bibliographic information such as research notes, abstracts, legal briefs, medical research, speeches, presentations etc.

The catalogue feature of your library system includes copy and bulk copy management, data entry and auto cataloguing for sources including Library of Congress, COPAC and Google.


Navigation aids help you to access, select and aggregate material from across your library system into content types which will help users to easily find the resources they need.

Search options include Boolean, word, phrase, date and date range search as well as search by subject, rating and search using the thesaurus.  Suggestions can be turned on to display as a user types, to aid speedier searching and locating relevant material.

Results can be filtered by content and record type, location and any other field defined in the database.

Results are displayed in grid view, as brief summaries or in full, and you can select the fields on which results can be sorted to suit different types of content and your users’ preferences.

Soutron Thesaurus

This feature simplifies the classification of all of the information in your catalogue,  directing users quickly to the most appropriate information

For more information on this powerful feature, see Soutron Thesaurus.

Reviews & Ratings

Add value to your service by asking users to assign a rating in response to questions you define, and which can be set to expire on specific dates.  The average rating value will be displayed as a star graphic in the OPAC display and can be used in the same way as any other field, eg sort to show top-rated items first. 

The system administrator can moderate and approve reviews and ratings before publication. 

Enquiry Management

Contains forms and workflows to progress and track enquiries in the system from entry to completion.  Aggregate repeat request to create an online knowledge base or FAQ by subject area, to eliminate duplication of work. 

Report usage and activity statistics from this fully auditable, secure repository.

Document Submission

Allow registered users of your library system to easily submit content, in a single field with tags or using available cataloguing facilities, to be accepted, edited or rejected by your library system administrator who can set alerts to inform your knowledge manager of new submissions.

Security Classification

Create access permissions for different user types and security levels for different record types.  Customise permissions and security for individual users and resources as necessary.    Manage what users can view and download and set thresholds to prevent bulk downloading of material.  Add the user file as a field in the catalogue for indexing in the record structure and give users the option to save searches, make requests or place enquiries.


Run or schedule any of your suite of reports, from any location, in a variety of output formats including pdf, xls, rtf and txt or publish them to a web site for use by any library in the network. 

Soutron’s Help Desk is always on hand for our Managed Web-Hosted clients to help you to generate management information in real-time, for any individual library or across a group of libraries. 

System / Database Configuration

Requires no programming skills, XML knowledge, or direct access to your server.  You can customise the system to suit your particular needs and use it as an online catalogue or secure repository. 

Your library system administrator can easily design and maintain your database, creating fields, content types and record templates.

Integration Services

Streamline processes, share information and increase efficiency across your organisation by integrating your library management system with the applications and functions of membership services, HR, accounts and web portals. 

The application program interface (API) allows your web master to query and retrieve data for presentation in XML to a web site or third party application or to use the repository within a federated search tool.

You can efficiently populate user records from your in-house Active Directory to create a single sign on (SSO) facility which automatically reflects changes in a user’s record.

Library Portal

Welcome users to your library system with an easily modified, styled, themed and branded front end.  Create a custom knowledge portal which allows your users to search a wide range of text, audio and video formats. As well as a standard facility to search across your resource, you can add links and quick searches, customise content to include RSS feeds from the catalogue or external sources, publish news and incorporate blogs and wikis to meet your users’ needs.


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